Spinosaurus in 2010

Spinosaur is the largest theropod predator of all time.  Unfortunitly this creature is actually a predator of fish.  It lived near great river, lake and swamp where it's hunting schools of fish that travel up the river.This predator perfectly adapted to a semi-aquatic environment, passes about 70% of its life in water in search of fish and, in normal times, avoid battle against other predator like Carcharodontosaurus.  It can dive into the water and swim similar to a crocodile.  During droughts it would scavage prey or move down coast lines for other water sources.  The first skeleton of Spinosaurs was destroied during a bombing in Egypt.  Later pieces of this species are rare and far inbetween. In 2014, a new fossil discovery allowed anatomically reconstruct the Spinosaurus and it turns out that it is a theropod dinosaur both biped and quadruped, as the Hadrosaur.  


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