Sarcosuchus was a large Crocodile from both South America and Northern Africa.  It mainly ate fish and other various creatures such as birds.  A full size Sarcosuchus can kill and eat Dinosaurs.  There is a controversey behind this giant reptile.  During the Cretaceous period there where two large Crocodiles.  The other one is Deinosuchus a large Crocodile that lived in North America.  Sarcosuchus lived in similar life style to modern day crocs.  It lays in the water acting like a log so they can get close to there prey than attack.  They will haul there large bodies outside the water and sun bath by opening there mouth and cool off.  It swims by using its tail like a propeller by moving it back and forth to move forward.  It was not very fast on land, but from the water to its prey it is a streak of Lightning.

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