Mixosaurus is certainly the dolphin middle Triassic and one of the most important entries in the fossil record regarding the evolution of the ichthyosaur group of marine reptiles.‭ He is a transitory form between what are termed the eel-like primitive forms like Cymbospondylus and dolphin-like advanced ichthyosaurs like Ichthyosaurus,‭ ‬a mixed combination that has led to a quite obvious name that means‭ ‘‬mixed lizard‭’‬. Mixosaurus is somehow the ancestor of ichthyosaurs from the Jurassic as ophthalmosaurus. This ichthyosaurs, agile and fast, party hunting fish and belemnites. However it is the prey of the predator as Nothosaurus.

Mixosaurus made an appearance in the documentary "sea rex", where he rubbed shoulders with Tanystropheus, Placochelys, Nothosaurus and Shonisaurus.

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