Austroraptor is a small dromeosaur from South America.  It may been a pack animal and would have a alpha male and alpha female with the rest of the pack being females and there children.  It is covered in feathers that help it keep warm at night.  Austroraptor is a not a direct member to the dromeosaur family but a subgroup that lives in South America.  Other than that it is a fish eater and will use his teeth "non-cutting" to capture the fish eaten before, just as do the spinosaurs. Austroraptor‭ ‬may involve it using its speed to chase down small animals and using its claws to stab into their backs.‭ ‬Austroraptor may have also used its claws to strike out at fish in shallow water where it could then pick them out with its specialised teeth holding them firm in its mouth.‭ ‬On shore it could then use its claws to pull the fish into bite sized chunks for easier eating. Its length makes Austroraptor one of the largest dromaeosaurids known, with only Achillobator, Dakotaraptor, and Utahraptor approaching or surpassing it in length.