Argentinosaurus is the second largest sauropod that lived in South America.  It is a member of the Titanosaur family.  A family super big sauropods that lived during the late and early cretaceous.  Argentinosaurus gets its name from the country it was found in Argentina.  It lived in herds and laid there eggs in nest that is usually share the grounds with other Argentinosaurus.  They leave the nest open for predators because the young Argentinosaurus greatest defence at the time is there over whelming numbers.  Once they reach adult hood there is no predator on earth that can kill one of these creatures.  They travel in herds that leave mini quick sand traps as they traveled.  Many animals has been found in these traps fossilized completely.  If a predator attacks these creatures they would rear up and crush them like a pancake.  When this happens the predator is dead.

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