Allosaur Adult
Allosaur was a predator from the late Jurassic period.  It did not live in groups but lived in a solitary life style.  It was middle weight predator and the most intelligent of his time.  Many fossils have been found of Allosaurus showing that its life was not a easy one for a top predator.  It relayed on stealth to sneak up on prey, and great timing to take down and eat as much as in the Jurassic there will be much bigger predators. The Allosaurus is an aggressive and solitary predator but as crocodiles, he happens to hunt in groups when hunting larger prey like the sauropod Diplodocus, but are not strategists and disputes have sometimes occurred during and after the hunt. In other words, the allosaurus make no pity for injured members of the horde, which are obliged to far from the feast for not devour it in turn.

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